Design of experiments / vidara

vidara offers a variety of statistical methods and tests and is a tool for process improvement. Users benefit from an intuitive user interface and appealing graphics supporting a quick interpretation of evaluation results. vidara is designed for users of qs-STAT and solara.MP looking for a reasonable extension providing evaluation options with respect to improvement projects.

Design of experiments is a tool for analysing cause-and-effect relationships between factors and responses and for optimising products and processes. A well-structured acquisition of data plays a major role.


  • Intuitive user interface to create individual experimental designs
  • Appealing and significant graphics of results
  • Optimisation of several responses

The analysis of variance and regression supports you in adapting mathematical models to cause-and-effect relationships between factors and responses.


  • Excellent model designs
  • Various designs for analysis of variance
  • Formula editor
  • Mixed effects
  • Hierarchically nested models
  • Unbalanced data
  • Visual model diagnostics
  • Cook’s distance, leverage values and residuals

Reliability analyses check whether a product meets its requirements under specific conditions over time. vidara helps users to plan lifetime analyses, evaluate data collected in an experiment and shows the results in graphics.


  • End-of-life test
  • Censoring (type I, type II and hybrid censoring schemes)
  • Sudden death test
  • Eckel procedure for field failure
  • Success run tests