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Technical program documentation for Q-DAS software products

Note: The Q-DAS hotline team is currently not able to receive the voice mails you left since our telephone system causes problems. We are neither able to check your messages, nor can we see your phone number.

Please send us an email (incl. your customer ID and the number of the software version you apply): 

The page is under construction, we will add new documents and change items from time to time.

There is only a draft of some documents available until the official release of the web page and the respective document. We try to provide each document in English as soon as possible. In order to facilitate documentation, we only created English screenshots directly in the software, even for German documents.

Each document is based on the respective default software version supplied at the time of creation. The exact software version applied to create the respective document always refers to the version that was part of the current delivery at the time of publication.

Each author is anxious to avoid mistakes but nobody is perfect. This web page will be subject to permanent change, i.e. the layout will change quite often due to various modifications.


We use TeamViewer for remote support via Internet.

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