eMMA MDM – Transparent collaboration for 3D measurement technology

eMMA MDM is an enterprise IT solution to structure and centrally manage 3D measurement data, closing the information gap in the quality assurance process. The eMMA MDM solution provides managed access to measurement plans, alignment systems, tolerances, measurement results and analyses. eMMA MDM is a scalable solution capable of supporting small teams of users in an OEM department or at a suppliers site, up to a large global implementation of multiple sites and thousands of users. 


  • Standard support for all types of metrology data, including probing, optical scanning, 2D/3D and inline measurement  
  • Synchronisation of quality processes with 3D design processes
  • Standardised metadata, processes, algorithms and reports
  • Structured measurement plans across the assembly process
  • Integration with the Q-DAS qs-STAT statistical process control (SPC) engine 
  • I++ DMS support for the integration and automation of various systems 

Key Features:

  • Secure connections to CAD and PDM/PLM
  • Consistency from a single component to the final assembled product
  • User management with role-based data access rights
  • Revision control and change management
  • Management of product variants and configurations