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Preventive quality planning and statistical analysis at the highest level

The greatest challenge facing any business lies in the improvement of its quality.

The cooperation between Q-DAS GmbH and iqs Software GmbH

The cooperation between Q-DAS and iqs offers you a preventive quality management system with statistical evaluation at the highest level. The products from iqs map and model all quality relevant processes and links them in one central database. The integration of Q-DAS software enhances the iqs CAQ system with professional statistical knowledge. The active know-how exchange arising from the integration of the products from both firms has created this specialist solution for industry. This broad product spectrum which reflects the highest quality requirements is only possible through both firms continuing to concentrate on their strengths. You will not find a comparable offer like this on the market.

iqs CAD-based quality planning combined with Q-DAS data recording and statistics

The strengths of Q-DAS software products are the recording and detailed evaluation of quality data. The cooperation between Q-DAS and iqs offers you a complete quality software with a learning control cycle. The detailed analysis of quality data reaches all planning and organisational levels automatically and thus reduces the inspection effort, scope and contents.

Recording test data through CAD-based quality planning

The iqs Inspection Plan module generates inspection plans based on CAD drawings. The Q-DAS softare product procella for the recording of test data accesses specifications provided by the iqs system directly through an integrated web service. In case of changes of a drawing, the iqs software manages amendments for inspection plans. These changes are immediately available in procella.
While recording test data, procella uses statistical alarms to monitor the data and documents violated limits and any alarm that occured. The Q-DAS passes this information crucial for quality planning directly to iqs (e.g. for action management, complaints management etc.). This information will be considered in any subsequent inspection planning steps.

iqs inspection equipment management and Q-DAS gauge capability

SPC inspections only apply capable equipment. The iqs software for inspection equipment management manages and organises inspection equipment in an intelligent way. It also informs users automatically about inspection equipment verifications that are due. In order to integrate the gauge capability as established by Q-DAS products into the iqs software, iqs transfers all evaluation-relevant data to the Q-DAS software solara.MP and iqs Inspection Equipment Management takes over the results calculated by solara.MP. This interaction easily combines the strangths of both software packages.


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