01/05/2018: Satisfied Q-DAS customers in Shanghai

In December 2017, the Q-DAS user conference in Shanghai proved to be a successful event for all parties involved. A total of 230 participants attended the user conference organised by Q-DAS Software Technology.

Besides the portfolio of available Q-DAS software products, the event focused on solutions in the fields of Big Data and Industry 4.0. Various presentations illustrated the impacts these demands have on the quality in production, on suppliers and on the entire industry and introduced possible solutions based on Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and Q-DAS products and concepts.

An international team of speakers from China, Japan and Germany gave a lecture on specific requirements and concepts to implement these solutions. Dr.-Ing. Edgar Dietrich (talking about Big Data / Industry 4.0 / Quality 4.0) and Stephan Sprink (explaining our customers‘ future requirements and associated Q-DAS software solutions) represented Q-DAS Germany.

Visitors and speakers joined for dinner at the end of the event where they had in-depth discussions and strengthened customer relations.

We look forward to the 2018 Q-DAS user conference!