05/02/2018: Q-DAS offers much more than SPC!

A delegation of the Chinese e-works delegation visited Q-DAS on 25 April in Weinheim. e-works is an online media, service and research organisation focusing on IT applications in industrial production on the Chinese market. The organisation is very popular and has more than 690,000 members in China.

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Dietrich and Stephan Sprink welcomed about 40 delegation members including representatives of various Chinese companies in Weinheim. Stephan Sprink presented Q-DAS solutions and concepts showing how to integrate well-established Q-DAS statistics into other systems and how to communicate with these third-party systems. He also focused on the new HxGN SMART Quality platform and the eMMA product family.

Stephan Sprink presented the variety of Q-DAS software

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Dietrich discussed the aspect of quality in the context of Big Data and Industry 4.0. He placed emphasis on the approach applied by Q-DAS required to operate such an innovative system and illustrated the vision of a networked company.

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Dietrich explains the meaning of quality
in the context of Big Data and Industry 4.0.

The delegation provided great feedback: Q-DAS offers much more than SPC!
We like to thank the delegation for their visit and look forward to fostering a successful collaboration with e-works on the Chinese market.