12/05/2017: Find out about the new eMMA software suite

Our website now provides you with information about our new product eMMA. Just select the 3D measurement data management /eMMA tab. Each eMMA module allows you to focus on different stages and tasks of the quality assurance process.

eMMA MDM -> Integrated and centralised system for quality data management along the entire product life cycle

eMMA Planner -> Explore, structure, edit, and document your inspection plans over time

eMMA Illustrator -> Design and edit standardizsd PDF report templates to facilitate the transparent communication of analysis results across departments and production sites

eMMA Analyst -> Take advantage of eMMA's comprehensive 3D functionalities for the on-the-fly analysis and visualisation of your measurement results. Generate reports of your analysis results quickly.

eMMA Reporter -> Stay connected to your quality data through the web platform for real-time monitoring of quality processes.

Don’t miss the full introduction to the eMMA software suite in 2018 published
at www.piq-online.de/en.