30 Years of Q-DAS


After 30 years of Q-DAS, we look back on what we achieved and we are full of expectations for what lies ahead of us. Being part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we face new fields of application for which we developed innovative solutions. Quality, reliability, expertise and enthusiasm are what has shaped the success of Q-DAS for 30 years now. Let us reach the summit of modern and successful quality assurance together.

  • How it all began ...

    1988 - Edgar Dietrich and Alfred Schulze founded "GDS Gesellschaft für Datenverarbeitung und Systemtechnik mbH"

    1993 - After change of name, company operated under "Q-DAS GmbH"

    1994 - Q-DAS was amongst the first software houses possessing a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified QM system

    1996 - Development of the Q-DAS ASCII transfer format for a cross-system exchange of quality information

    2000 - Q-DAS moved into the new office building in Weinheim providing plenty of space for training participants and employees

    2004 - Q-DAS earned the "TOP 100 – Excellent Innovators in the German Middle Class" award for their innovative achievements

    2007 - Dietrich/Schulze made it to the finals of "Entrepreneur of the Year 2007“, Schulze retired, Dietrich became sole owner

    2010 - TEQ Training & Consulting GmbH became the training company of the Q-DAS Group

    2015 - Hexagon Metrology acquired Q-DAS Group

    2017 - eMMA Software-Suite became part of Hexagon and eMMA employees now belong to the Q-DAS team


Part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Business - Software

Location - Weinheim, Germany

Employees - Worldwide about 100

Founding year - 1988



T:  +49 6201 3941-0

F: +49 6201 3941-224