M-QIS management quality information system

Chronological behaviour of capability indices

Approved as a perfect management tool, M-QIS processes quality information and increases the transparency of workflows, processes and business transactions. The acquired knowledge forms the basis for decisions and measures leading to continuous process improvement. Reliable statistics build confidence and minimise the risk of producing defective parts.

Automated reporting system

Degree of performance over time

The core element of M-QIS is the automated reporting system loading data cyclically from the database, evaluating them and sending reports or messages to specified recipients (printout, email, PDF file or SMS). Several evaluation strategies are available and users analyse the data based on the evaluation strategy they select. In order to keep afloat in this information flood, the software only sends reports when the process does not meet certain requirements.

Overview by compressing statistics

Central status display

Continuous long-term process analysis requires a well-structured compression and processing of huge amounts of data. Based on respective allocation criteria, the software stores the statistics calculated from original values and gives an overview of the entire process by providing straightforward summary graphics as well as benchmarks and by offering long-term statistical process control.

Status display

A centrally controlled service cyclically performs routine jobs and functions to support users in their daily work - the analysis of (mass) data. Depending on individual requirements, the software runs scheduled jobs or specific events trigger the jobs. M-QIS Engine reduces the burden of manual data analysis and provides the users with task-related information about the current quality status.

Web user interface

Exemple of a web user interface

The Web Designer allows you to control browser-based access to the Q-DAS web application and to configure the data and results it shows. Users still apply the basic components, main options and functions of Q-DAS products but they may also access password-protected websites to display customised and platform-independent graphics, reports and drawings on their mobile terminal.

In addition to general functions, such as data selection and various graphics and tables illustrating evaluation results, our web technology is able to map an entire production environment. The user immediately gets an overview of the current quality structure in a specific shop floor area. Due to an interactive user interface, detailed information is available by click.

M-QIS as Web Solution