3D CAD Viewer

Interactive selection of characteristics and features

A CAD model specifying product requirements is an essential starting point for many quality processes. CAD models form the basis for the creation of measurement routines  for measuring instruments or test plans intended for semi-automated or manual measuring stations recording test data. Additionally, it offers employees visual support in performing inspection tasks. The integrated reporting system uses the CAD model to illustrate test and evaluation results.

You may select and import features or features and associated characteristics interactively into the CAD model for test planning purposes in Q-DAS software products. The import supports established CAD formats (*.igs, *.3DXML, *.stl, *.cad, *.cto, *.CATPart, *.Obj). Functionalities like zooming, rotating or bending the model are designed to facilitate the selection.

3D CAD providing the basis for test plans

Allocation of available characteristics

In case your Q-DAS products include a test plan and you have already recorded measured values, you may allocate characteristics to the CAD model after you selected them. The parts/characteristics list makes it easy to display single features / characteristics in the CAD model.

Supporting data recording

CAD model supports the recording of data in procella

O-QIS / procella are suitable for manual data input but they also record data via serial interface. Approved as tools for real-time visualisation of results and SPC alarm control, they are now even designed to show characteristic-specific views in the CAD model. The combination of these functionalities guides the operatore perfectly through the measuring task. This increases safety and minimises the risk of faulty insertions.

Reports including 3D CAD

Report including a CAD model

When the measurement data are not recorded by Q-DAS software products but by measuring instruments, e.g. a CMM, the CAD model serves as a programming basis during the creation of the measuring program.

The CAD models server their purpose in many fields of statistical analysis; they can even be used in reports. Individual and customised reports refer to the respective CAD model. Since the features / characteristics are allocated to the drawing, the report automatically shows the relevant characteristics in the CAD model together with associated evaluation results.

The 3D CAD Viewer provides you with a rich set of features you may use in all Q-DAS software products. You apply it for test planning or data recording purposes but it also facilitates evaluation.