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The use of software components for the realization of the Q-DAS CAMERA Concept usually require a joint planning, configuration and installation with the customer.

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The right software for your task

Standard softwareCAMERA-Products
solara.MPprocellaqs-STATdestra vidaraO-QISM-QISQ-EMPBQ-FMD
Measurement Process Capability, Study Type 1, 2, 3, Cg/Cgk, %GRR (1)  
Measurement Uncertainty/Capability Study according to VDA 5 / GUM  
Machine Acceptance Cm/Ck, Preliminary Capability Pp/Ppk  
Process Capability, Pp/Ppk, Cp/Cpk (1)  (✓)
QCC (Quality Control Chart)  
SPC / individual visualisation and easy data collection  
Reliability Study / Warranty and product life-time calculations
Design of Experiments / DoE
Variance / Regression Analysis
Six Sigma Statistical-Package  
Generating and sending Reports (manually)  
Generating and sending Reports (triggered by event or time)  
Individual Report Designer (templates for all Q-DAS Products)  
Data Compacting
Webtool for online data access and analysis  
Data Collecting (via gages RS-232, USB / Q-DAS Files/ AQDEF)✓ 
Real-time-Visualisation and Alarms  
Valid statistic evaluating methods
(Evaluating Strategies)
(✓)O-QIS does not support functionalities of qs-STAT and destra for this task.
(1)Only one predefined evaluations strategie is available for this task.